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Buying & Financing

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Congratulations! You’re ready to buy John Deere.

You want to add quality John Deere equipment to your operation – your fleet – your household. 

  • Get started by Building Your Own equipment and ask your John Deere dealer or distributor to help validate your buying decision; or just let them spec out the right equipment for your job.
  • If it's some smaller equipment to maintain your property, you can just order online.
  • We can help you finance your purchase because our John Deere dealer or distributor is your on-location finance expert.


You need some service parts for the John Deere equipment and engines you already run – filters, blades, belts, and more…  You can visit your dealer or distributor, but there are some online options.


You need a dependable John Deere marine engine in your fishing boat; or you want to use John Deere engines and drive train components in the specialty equipment you manufacture.  Where do you find the closest John Deere engine or drive train components distributor?


You'd like some cool John Deere gear – a cap or jacket, or you need to buy a toy tractor for your favorite grandchild.  We'll help you find your closest John Deere dealer or you can order some items online.


You work for a governmental agency or military entity; we're ready to help you with your purchasing requirements.

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