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We upped the ante. You wrote the rules.

Customer Advocate Groups provided us with real-world insight to create machines built for the way you work, while they redefine the meanings of uptime, productivity, and low daily operating costs. Then we tested them until we got them exactly right. Introducing the new game changing Feller Bunchers from John Deere.
View the L-Series Wheled Feller Bunchers from John Deere

L-Series Wheeled Feller Bunchers

These machines feature robust hydraulic and electrical systems designed to help keep your operation up and running, and boost your bottom line.

    View the 800M-Series Feller Bunchers from John Deere

    800M-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers

    These mid-sized machines were three years in the making and are backed by over a half-century of experience in the woods.

      See the 903M-Series Feller Buncher from John Deere

      900M-Series Tracked Feller Bunchers

      These large-sized machines offer a host of innovations to make them even more productive and reliable than their highly successful predecessors.


        Easy Maintenance

        Simple. And Smart.

        Simplified Serviceability
        Daily service checks, including fluid levels and greasing, are easier on an L-Series. Grouped service points also simplify daily maintenance. Fresh-air cab filter is quickly serviced from ground level. Plus large panels are easily removed for wide-open access to the engine compartment, and the cab tilts to provide quick access to other components.


        Proven Components
        The 800s and 900s share many common components – including the engine, undercarriage, booms, and cab – simplifying maintenance and repairs when needed.


        Remote Diagnostics
        When equipped with JDLink™ fast, accurate, remote diagnostics and rapid service response with the right part the first time, industry-leading parts availability, and dealer support are always within easy reach.


        View the Forestry Finance Offers from John Deere
        "John Deere addressed everything we asked them for. What's not to like? The stability, the visibility, the serviceability."
        Brent Day testimonial- Brent Day, CAG Member, William A. Day Jr. & Sons, Inc.

        GoFell App

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        Cut more trees for less money while maximizing operator comfort with the GoFell App. This app offers a walk-around checklist for service, a guide to better understanding Deere M-Series Feller Buncher features, and tips to customize your operating experience.

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